my journey: a prologue

let me tell you about why i decided to embark on this journey in the first place.

it all started when Cd-r King began to flood the market with cheap goods. initially it was just about the quality of their optical media, but we all know that they sell pretty much anything and everything these days, from PSP sleeves to gigabit ethernet routers. and they sell their wares significantly less (~ 30-50%) than what the other stores are dictating. with such huge price differences, it made me think, what the heck are they selling us? are we being sold cheap, substandard knockoffs? or is there truth to their claims of passing on all their savings by cutting on marketing, uniforms, etc. to the consumer?

that made me think: if i had these questions in mind, surely there must be others out there asking these very same questions. thus, it became my goal to create a place where the very same people can check out simple product reviews on how these gizmos perform.

and so i begin my journey...

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