more impressions on bayanWireless Landline

more inputs on the phone and the service:

- the phone is fairly small, almost similar to the more basic Nokia mobile phones.
- there is only one speaker for the phone's sounds. if a call comes in while you're attempting to call, be prepared to go deaf for a few seconds.
- that being said, at the loudest setting, the ringing volume of the phone is about average. but the speaker volume is muffled even in moderately noisy environments.
- microphone seems pretty capable.
- the SMS service is next to useless. i've never been able to send a message ever since i got the unit.
- voice quality to and from landlines is comparable to a call made over mobile phones; a bit fuzzy and can get a bit choppy.
- signal coverage is pretty good outdoors, but is pretty terrible indoors.
- battery life last for about 3-4 days with light use.

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