initial impressions on bayanWireless Landline

i just got my hand on the next big thing in mobile telephony: a wireless landline.

don't let the name fool you though - this is nothing more than just a phone using CDMA (as opposed to GSM, the standard of choice of the major mobile telcos in the Philippines). in my case, i have a Huawei C228s with me. this is a picture of all the "accessories" that comes out of the box.

i only got this today so i can't provide very detailed insights yet, but i'll write about it some more as i give it more air time, so to speak.

inital impressions about the service seem to be fairly good - for P699 a month you get a local landline number with your subscription (though i understand this doesn't include the cost of the handset yet), which allows you to make and receive unlimited local calls, and send unlimited text messages to anyone within the same network. cheap doesn't even begin to describe the service being offered here.

i haven't been able to get a fairly stable reception though, as it seems that the service is a bit unreliable indoors. i have been unable to send a successful text message to my colleagues on the same network as well. when i made a few calls earlier, the persons on the other side of the call said that my voice sounded choppy, almost like calling via my mobile phone with bad signal.

do check back in a couple of days for a more comprehensive review.

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